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On the photo: HE RF Ambassodor to the UK Andrew Kelin with The Chair of the UK & RF Forum Deputy Leader of Coventry City Council Abdul Salam Khan at the Russian Embassy in London, 31.01.2020

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Activities in 2021:

January the 30th 2021А что у вас? Friendships anniversaries celebrations. War time stories of our families and friends.

Activities in 2020:

(December the 30th 5 o’clock)

Programme 2021 discussions

December the 25th: Twin Cities Christmas Song release.

December the 4th Perth & Pskov anniversary celebrations

November the 29th – December the 1st: UK & RF Twin Cities Forum

RF & UK Business Forum, UK & RF  Twin Cities Forum, London last week of November 2020:

November the 29th The 20th anniversary of London & Moscow partnership День Рождения Партнерства Москвы и Лондона

November the 19th: International Men’s Day Concert

November the 14/15th: The 80th anniversary of Coventry Blitz

November the 3rd – the 7th: Sochi International Film Festival

November the 1st – 15th: Coventry Peace Forum

October the 30th 5 o’clock А что у вас?

October the 29th – November the 1st: Dialogues on the Volga Forum, Volgograd on line event

October the 24th: The UN Day

October the 1st International Music Day Музыкальная гостиная


September the 30th 5 o’clock “А что у вас?”

September the 21st International Peace day

September the 4th Coventry & Volgograd The UN address meeting

August the 26th 5 o’clock “А что у вас?” = What’s going on zoom meeting for sharing the news and updates

Обсуждение программы 2020/2021

July the 24th 2020 4 o’clock UK & RF Twin Cities zoom meeting:

Twin Cities friendships anniversaries

June the12th 2020: The Day of Russia Celebrations

UK & RF twin cities Tea Time, sharing stories of friendship & cooperation

June the 6th 2020 Bonds of Friendship Celebrations

May the 9/10th 2020 EUROPE DAY

May the 8/the 9th 2020: VE Day, Victory Day, День Победы