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UK & RF FORUM 2021

On the cover photo : HE RF Ambassador to the UK Andrew Kelin with The Chair of the UK & RF Twin Cities Forum Deputy Leader of Coventry City Council Abdul Salam Khan at the Russian Embassy in London, 31.01.2020

HE RF Ambassador to UK Andrew Kelin with The Chairman of the UK and RF Twin Cities Forum Deputy Leader of Coventry City Council Cllr A.S. Khan in Coventry for the celebrations of the 80th anniversary of Coventry and Stalingrad/Volgograd Friendship and Coventry’s Twin to Win Award ceremony on October the 6th 2021.

“Coventry and Volgograd pioneered the Twinning movement and have enjoyed 80 years of friendship. Since the first steps taken by Coventry and Volgograd many cities throughout the UK have joined bonds with Cities all around the world and have become “Twins”. People to People diplomacy is the key, we believe, to ensuring cordial relations are maintained between states around the world. Our mission is to encourage the maintenance of ties between UK cities and cities within the Russian Federation to ensure People to People diplomacy can continue to thrive”.

Cllr A.S.Khan, November the 30th 2021, UK and RF twin Cities Forum meeting.

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Activities in 2021:

January the 30th 2021А что у вас? Friendships anniversaries celebrations. War time stories of our families and friends.

Activities in 2020:

(December the 30th 5 o’clock)

Programme 2021 discussions

December the 25th: Twin Cities Christmas Song release.

December the 4th Perth & Pskov anniversary celebrations

November the 29th – December the 1st: UK & RF Twin Cities Forum

RF & UK Business Forum, UK & RF  Twin Cities Forum, London last week of November 2020:

November the 29th The 20th anniversary of London & Moscow partnership День Рождения Партнерства Москвы и Лондона

November the 19th: International Men’s Day Concert

November the 14/15th: The 80th anniversary of Coventry Blitz

November the 3rd – the 7th: Sochi International Film Festival

November the 1st – 15th: Coventry Peace Forum

October the 30th 5 o’clock А что у вас?

October the 29th – November the 1st: Dialogues on the Volga Forum, Volgograd on line event

October the 24th: The UN Day

October the 1st International Music Day Музыкальная гостиная


September the 30th 5 o’clock “А что у вас?”

September the 21st International Peace day

September the 4th Coventry & Volgograd The UN address meeting

August the 26th 5 o’clock “А что у вас?” = What’s going on zoom meeting for sharing the news and updates

Обсуждение программы 2020/2021

July the 24th 2020 4 o’clock UK & RF Twin Cities zoom meeting:

Twin Cities friendships anniversaries

June the12th 2020: The Day of Russia Celebrations

UK & RF twin cities Tea Time, sharing stories of friendship & cooperation

June the 6th 2020 Bonds of Friendship Celebrations

May the 9/10th 2020 EUROPE DAY

May the 8/the 9th 2020: VE Day, Victory Day, День Победы