2021 07 30 UK & RF Twin Cities Forum meeting: our festivals, museums, theatres.

2021 07 28 TOLP 7

2021 07 21 TOLP 6

*2021 07 14 TOLP 5

*2021 07 07 TOLP 4

*2021 07 01 “Coventry & Volgograd Digital Table Cloth” Round Table

*2021 June the 30th The UK & RF Twin Cities Forum: Our Natural Reserves and Forum Celebrations!

*2021 June the 23rd TOLP 3

*2021 June the 16th TOLP 2

*2021 June the 12th Celebrating the first anniversary of the UK & RF twin cities Forum

*2021 June the 10th Celebrating the 77th anniversary of Coventry & Volgograd official twinning: the interview for Volgograd TV.

*2021 June the 9th Twin Cities Outstanding Leadership (TOLP) meeting 1.

*2021 June the 6th Celebrating Alexander Pushkin’s Birthday and the UN day of The Russian Language and Literature

*2021 May the 30th: Our local ecology and Nature protection actions

*2021 April the 30th: The UK and Russia Forum: Our Local Museums

*2021 May the 8th and 9th: The Victory Days

*2021 April the 25th: International Twin Sister Towns and Cities Day

*2021 April the 23rd: Coventry Twin Towns and Sister Cities Summit

*2021 March the 30th The UK & Russia Twin Cities Forum: Our Local Writers.

*2021 February the 26th The UK & Russia twin Cities Forum: Life long education.

*2021 February the 2nd: The Pilgrimages of Peace to Stalingrad Madonna

*2021 January the 30th: UK & RF twin Cities zoom meeting

*2021 January the 8th: Coventry & Volgograd zoom meeting

*2020 December the 30th/31st saying good bye to the 2020.

*2020 December the 1st UK & Russia Twin Cities Forum Day 2.

*2020 November the 30th from 10 am UK & Russia Twin Cities Festival

*2020 November the 29th: the 77th anniversary of King’s George the VIth Sword of Honour presenting to people of Stalingrad at the The Tehran conference 1943

*2020 November the 27th 5pm UK & Hungary Twin Cities

*2020 November the 20th 5pm UK & Romania Twin Cities

*2020 November the 19th 4pm The International Men’s Day zoom concert by the UK & Russia twin cities

*2020 November the 11th 5 pm UK & Italy Twin Cities

*2020 November the 6th 5pm UK & Ireland Twin Cities

*2020 October the 30th 5pm UK & The Netherlands Twin Cities meeting

*2020 October the 30th 4pm UK & RF Twin Cities zoom meeting

*2020 October the 24th The UN DAY 75th anniversary celebrations

*2020 October the 23rd The UK & Ex Yugoslavia Twin Towns & Sister Cities zoom meeting

*2020 October the 16th The UK & Polish Twin Towns & Sister Cities Zoom meeting