Coventry Twin & Sister Cities in Action 2020

18.01.2020: The Russian Embassy in London group visit Coventry to walk along The Stalingrad/Volgograd route of this City.

31.01.2020: Coventry group participates in the opening of the “Great British help to Stalingrad during and after the WWII” exhibition in London.

13.02.2020 The Dresden Theatre group performance in Coventry.

06.03.2020 A group of the Russian Language students from Warwick University walk along The Stalingrad/Volgograd route of Coventry.

12.03.2020 Meeting with Natalia Kulishenko, author of “The Stalingrad Story of The Queen Elizabeth” from Volgograd/Moscow and Anton Chesnokov, Russian Cultural Centre in London Chair with Coventry Lord Mayor; a walk along Stalingrad/Volgograd route in Coventry.

26.04.2020 Brining flowers to Coventry Twin Towns and Sister Cities Round Table Mark for International Twin Cities Day celebrations.

08.05.2020 VE Day

06.06.2020 DDay +++

12.06.2020 Russia Day

26.06.2020 The UN Charter Day

24.07.2020 UK & RF Twin Cities Zoom Meeting.

26.08.2020 UK & RF Twin Cities Zoom Meeting

01.09.2020 UK Twin Towns & Sister Cities Foundation Launch

Roze Navab from Twin Studios Project

04.09.2020 Coventry & Volgograd Bond of Friendship, UK & RF twin cities meeting, discussing the UN address

11.09.2020 UK & Czech Twin cities meeting