Coventry & Stalingrad/Volgograd Bond of Friendship Committee, June the 6th 1944

Museum of facts:

01.09.1939 WWII started

14/15.11 1940 Coventry Blitz

21.06.1941 Barbarossa Blitz krieg

17.07.1942 Stalingrad Battle began

early August 1942 last bombing of Coventry

23.08.1943 bombing of Stalingrad began.

It was the 3rd anniversary of Germany & USSR Peace Pact signing:

02.02.1943 Red Army won The Stalingrad Battle

06.06.1944 The Second Front Opened

Coventry & Stalingrad Bond of Friendship Committee established

08.05.1945 Victory Day in Europe

09.05.1945 Victory Day in the USSR

06.08.1945 US bombing of Hiroshima

09.08.1945 US bombing of Nagasaki

02.09.1945 WWII ended

1956 Sister Cities International, USA

28.04.1957 – 2004 International Federation of Twin Cities with head office in Paris, France.

Last Sunday of April traditionally marked as The International Twin Cities Day from 1963.

(1964 – )1991 until present МАПГ International Association of Twin Cities, Moscow, Russia.

01.09.2020 The UK Twin towns & Sister cities Foundation C.I.C established in Coventry.

04.09.2020 Coventry & Volgograd the UN 75 address discussion meeting

21.09.2020 International Peace Day celebrations

29.10.-01.11.2020 Dialogues on the Volga

14.12.2020 Coventry & Volgograd “Peacemaking Through Twinning” Award discussion.

08.01.2021 Coventry & Volgograd Twin2Win Award discussion.

23.04.2021 Coventry and Volgograd Peace and Reconciliation Through Twinning Award Announced at Coventry Twin Cities Summit.