War and Peace story of the 20th Century

During the WWII two cities ruined by war started a friendship which lasts until now and inspires the cities & towns cooperation and friendship around the world.Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end WWII and the Victory then in 1945 over nazism, people both in Coventry and Volgograd would like to celebrate Peace, Cooperation and Friendship between our two countries. People of both of the cities have managed to be friends for all these years in different political and economical climates as both of the places did pay the very high price – lost lives of their citizens on the unprecedented scales – for peaceful life of the future generations. We do understand the importance of every thought, every step, every action in peacemaking process. It takes time and energy. That is why Coventry and Volgograd would like to celebrate the efforts and friendships of peoples in both of the countries, The United Kingdom and Russia, as well as in Europe and all over this world who do value such efforts and contribute a lot to such process. We would like to create more opportunities to hear the stories, to learn about the projects, to keep alive and to foster the traditions of friendships and good will, to celebrate both, Great British and Russian cultures and the contribution of people of both of the countries towards Cultural Creativity, Healthy Environment and Peace.