1944 Coventry & Volgograd 06.06.1944


October the 15th: The UN Address discussion

International Peace Day Celebration Zoom Meeting

ZOOM MEETING on SEPTEMBER THE 4th, discussing the UN address 2020.

PROJECT IN ACTION: https://stalingrad-uk.com/about-the-project.html

03.08. Volgograd Medical Academy & Warwick Medical School Friendship

26.06. Coventry & Volgograd The UN appeal launch

06.06. The Campaign for Nobel Peace Prize for Coventry & Volgograd

The Twin Studious Projects by Roze Navab

The Table Cloth by Roze Navab

Coventry Photographer’s visit to Volgograd

2019 The 75th anniversary of the official twinning celebrations

The Square

The Award


Peace Forums


“The Winners”

1962 CAIF

1961 KID

1945 Victory

1944 Coventry & Stalingrad Bond of Friendship Committee

1943 Help for citizens of Stalingrad

1942 Stalingrad Battle and bombing of Stalingrad

1941 Message of support from Coventry to Stalingrad

1940 Coventry Blitz

1939 WWII begins