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75th Anniversary of the United Nations

“We are not the Peace-makers – that is the job of our politicians – but with the support of the United Nations organization we, the peoples of the world united through Twinning, can be the Peace-keepers.” We have spent the last week preparing and filming (socially distanced) for the United Nations address. The cities o […]


UN 75 Day

День 75-летия ООН Представители Ковентри и Волгограда, включая Председателя Волгоградской Городской Думы Владлена Владимировича Колесникова и заместителя Горсовета Ковентри Соетника Абдула Салама Хана, обсуждают совместное обращение в ООН 2020, 15 октября 2020 года. Representatives of Coventry and Volgograd, including the leader of Volgograd City Duma (Council) and Deputy Leader of Coventry City Council Cllr Abdul […]