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🇬🇧 Twin Cities C.I.C meetings

04.09.2020 Coventry & Volgograd Bond of Friendship Committee, UK & RF Twin Cities Forum: The UN address, Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

11.09.2020 UK & Czech Twin Cities

18.09.2020 UK & German Twin Cities

25.09.2020 UK & French Twin Cities

02.10.2020 UK & Commonwealth Twin Cities, Australia, Jamaica

09.10.2020 UK & Austrian Twin Cities

16.10.2020 UK & Polish Twin Cities

23.10.2020 UK & Ex – Yugoslavia Twin Cities

30.10.2020 UK & The Netherlands Twin Cities

06.11.2020 UK & Irish Twin Cities

11.11.2020 UK & Italy Twin Cities

20.11.2020 UK & Romania Twin Cities

27.11. 2020 UK & Hungary

04.12.2020 UK & USA Twin Cities

11.12.2020 UK & Canada Twin Cities

18.12.2020 UK & China Twin Cities

23.12.2020 UK & India Twin Cities

2 replies on “🇬🇧 Twin Cities C.I.C meetings”


Just for clarification – is the UK & Romanian Twin Cities meeting on 11 November ? That is a Wednesday and also “Remembrance Day”. It just stands out as not being on a Friday – other than the last one just before Christmas.




Thank you, Dave. We are not going to run the events on Friday the 13th. Though other dates can be considered after the discussion with all partners.



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