Perth & Pskov update

By Iliyana Nedkova 

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Friends of Pskov Association has been championing the people to people relationships between the twin cities of Perth, Scotland and Pskov, Russia since 1990 through contemporary art, drama, music and community activities for the last 30 years. We are also open to new members – anyone associated with Perth and Pskov, as well as Pskov’s twin city of Tartu, Estonia – especially in the run up to our 30th anniversary twin cities festival scheduled for 4 December 2020 and 15 March 2021. Throughout our website and social media we have been running the popular Friends of Pskov RECOMMENDS rubric and we would like to highlight one of our latest recommendations here echoing some of the #Hiroshima75-related posts earlier on this website.
It is Peace Cranes – a series of pre-exhibition events initiated by Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre and co-curated by our own Friends of Pskov member Iliyana Nedkova. All events feature one of the Peace Cranes exhibiting artists – the widely acclaimed actor, playwright & peace activist Michael Mears. You can see the recordings of all the Peace Cranes pre-exhibition events here: where you can also register for a free live post-show Q&A which will feature both Iliyana and Michael on 22 August 2020, 4pm as part of the much needed Just Festival Edinburgh. 

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