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Programme of the Birthday Party of the Twin Towns & Sister Cities Movement created in Coventry on June the 6th 1944: Friends Reunion 🕊

11am UK time: greetings to all of the participants of the online meeting via Coventry Lord Mayor’s Peace & Reconciliation Committee;

It is the best tribute to all Coventry Citizens, Mayor’s, Lord Mayor’s (after June the 3rd 1953) and their teams who made the decision on making officials Bond of Friendship with Stalingrad then/ Volgograd now. On the day, when the Second front was opened in Europe Coventry citizens and councilors have created modern day Peaceful Front of Humanity and Reconciliation, Creativity, Health & Prosperity. There determination for peaceful life for everyone made the first official twinning possible while the world was still suffering from WWII. This led to the twinning with 26 towns & cities round the world after that war. That decision gave the start to peacemaking practice of such kind = virus of friendship & reconciliation? = spreading all over the world now, making positive changes in millions of peoples lives.

This year we all have to deal with the real dangerous for our health and lives virus. Still we all are going strong. Let’s cheer HMQueen, who was the inspiration not only for this nation, for lots of people round the world, for many -many years, and during this pandemic times. Her Majesty led the VE Day celebrations this year, just had to cancel Her Own Traditional Birthday Party, which many of us do usually take part in early June!

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty! Happy Birthday, Twin Towns & Sister Cities! ( Online cheering with participants favorite cups and cakes. Happy Birthday song?) Exchange of toasts greeting from participants Twin Towns & Sister Cities programmed after that.

“The Stalingrad Story of The Queen Mother“ book presentation by the author Natalia Kulishenko.

11.35 am UK time. Announcing next online & Offline ( fingers crossed) meetings.

11.40 am (UK time) Tea & Coffee break.

12.00 (UK time) via Skype or Microsoft celebrations of Alexander Pushkin Birthday and the UN declared the Russian Language, Culture & Literature day with Coventry & Volgograd students and their friends.

17.00 (UK time) bringing flowers / flower pots to Coventry Twin Cities Round Table near The Herbert Gallery to symbolize the blossom of our friendships.


Coventry & Volgograd Bond of Friendship Committee, 1944

Volgograd & Coventry Bond of Friendship Society, 1959

Volgograd Club of International Friendship, 1961

Volgograd Association for International Friendship, 1925/1958

Coventry Association for International Friendship, 1961

Students of Warwick University

Volgograd students

Exeter & Yaroslavl Friendship Society

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